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Daniel Marcos is the co-founder and CEO of Growth Institute, the leading online executive education company for C-level executives at fast growing firms. He is a keynote speaker and a CEO Coach, with a mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs.
Additionally, Daniel is the CEO of ExO Education in partnership with Salim Ismail, and serves as the Ambassador of Singularity University in Austin, TX. He is a member of YPO and EO.

As a serial entrepreneur, Daniel quickly realized that CEOs are often the bottleneck of the company. In the same way that you can’t solve a problem without first elevating your mindset, a business can’t evolve beyond what the CEO can handle.

Daniel is on a mission to give executives the support and methodologies that he wishes he had in his entrepreneurial journey—being a good leader, successfully scaling companies, and maintaining a high quality of life.

Daniel partnered with Verne Harnish in 2012 to bring executive training to the masses. What was once reserved for a small niche of wealthy companies is now available to all CEOs and their executive teams, effectively democratizing business education and shortening the gaps in professional development. 

Daniel was an early entrepreneur. He started a t-shirt business at the age of eight and then partnered with a car detailing franchise to provide cleaning services throughout his high school years. 

In college, he joined a brokerage firm and spent 3 years working on Wall Street and learning how stock markets worked. With his newly acquired financial knowledge, Daniel knew he needed to return to entrepreneurship and build a business combining finance and the growing opportunities of the internet.  

In the year 2000, he banded together with three friends, raised $200,000, and built and online trading business that was acquired withing six months by what was Argentina's largest financial player at the time. 

As his nimble company of four grew to 85+ employees, Daniel struggled to cope with the pressures of scaling. It was at this time that Daniel met his future mentor and business partner, Verne Harnish. Daniel enrolled in Verne's MIT course, "Birthing of Giants" (today re-branded as "Entrepreneurial Master Program"). 


The decision to enroll was the best and most pivotal decision that Daniel has ever made in his career. It not only gave Daniel the foundation and methodology to scale his business successfully, it also led him to help launch a community of “titans” who continue to network, support, and mentor each other to this day.

 Daniel’s next business launched just before the untimely crash of the financial markets in 2008. His business was shut down and Daniel took on $1 million in debt.

It was the lowest point in his life, one that drove him away from entrepreneurship and towards a stable job at his father’s company. Once again, Verne Harnish popped into Daniel’s life at just the right time. Not letting Daniel wallow in his pain or give up on entrepreneurship, Verne offered him a coaching position at Gazelles.

Despite the recent setback, Daniel had an abundance of experience and successes under his belt and had recently been recognized in Expansion Magazine's “30 under 30”.

Within six months, Daniel had turned his life around and moved his family to Austin where his partnership with Verne developed. Over a weekend trip to Barcelona, they came up with the idea behind Growth Institute.

Growth Institute 

“You build the products that you yourself need.”

Growth Institute was born out of Daniel’s vision to help entrepreneurs to be good leaders and successfully scale their companies, all while still maintaining a high quality of life. Daniel is on a mission to give executives the support and methodologies that he wishes he had in his entrepreneurial journey. In less than a decade, Growth Institute has been recognized among the top 5,000 fastest growing companies in the USA, with over 40,000 members across 64 countries.

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Watch this 3-part video series where Daniel Marcos breaks down the strategies you need to dominate your industry.
You'll learn how to navigate the stages of business growth, how to evolve as a leader, and how to build your business to operate on its own. 


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